Another Easy Way to Learn Spanish

by Chief Spanish Learner on September 9, 2010

Now of course, No-Work Spanish audiobooks are my favorite easy way to learn Spanish, but I thought I’d pass on another resource that I liked.

Mi Vida Loca (meaning ‘My Crazy Life’) is a BBC production for learning Spanish by watching a video series that includes going to Spain and solving a mystery. They have all kinds of different editions — one with a syllabus and learning guide, one with a teacher’s guide. I chose the shorter version, but even that includes vocabulary and teaching explanations that do interrupt the story a bit. Still the video is interesting, shows you a bit of Madrid and gives you a reason other than learning Spanish to keep watching. “Enjoy the drama” is one of their taglines. I hope you do!

If you check it out, stop back and let me know what you think. But don’t tell me how it turns out, I’m only up to episode 7.



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