Poster Girl – Vocabulary

Poster Girl vocabulary covers a wide range of indoor and outdoor concepts, including:

better, more, dirty, neat, clean, pretty, beautiful, short, warm, easy, annoying, awful, soft, dry, clever, lovely, big, stuffed, healthy, confused, tall

dog, bird, giraffe, fish

Body Parts
skin, cheek, hair, eyebrow, face, hand, stomach, mouth, head, ponytail

yellow, orange, red, white, green, blue, black, brown

Days of Week, Seasons, Time
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Summer, Winter, Autumn, morning, afternoon, tonight, week, minutes, year, October

Eating Food
spoon, fork, knife, plate, cup, milk, napkin, table, brownie, apple, juice, peanut butter, lunch, dinner, sandwich, cafeteria, pretzels

Greetings, Expressions
Hello, Congratulations, Excuse Me, Please, Thank You, Really?

Inside Terms
room, hall, lobby, table, door, rug

Numbers 0 – 14

People & Relationships
mother, children, grandmother, boy, girl, father, teacher, principal, family, student, parents, sister, friend, librarian, babysitter, rival

like, laugh, shout, say, ask, answer, smile, clap, kick, draw, kiss, buy, look, talk, hate, work (to succeed), remember, think, paint, cut, write, promise, walk, run, interrupt, choose, hear, stand, pause, invite, change, explain, understand, need

Outside Terms
tree, branch, leaf, evergreen, deciduous, breeze, sunny, sun, ground, plants, sky, grass