The Case of the Missing Poodle – Vocabulary

The Case of the Missing Poodle Vocabulary is filled with vocabulary needed for travel and includes:

angry, lucky, dirty, new, enormous, rich, favorite

Bathroom Items
shower, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, bathroom

Body parts
ankle, head, toe, hair, eyes, mouth, hand, arm, stomach

underwear, t-shirt, jeans, shirt, tie, shoes, socks, a suit, sneakers

white, blue, brown, pink, lavender

thief, police, jail, reward, suspect, security, crime, kill, evidence

steak, potatoes, breakfast, bacon, cereal, waffles, bagels

People & Relationships
brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin, twin, older, younger

Travel Words
airport, plane, aisle, window, flight attendant, baggage claim, car, rental car, hotel, reservation, non-smoking, key, room, seatbelt, room service, check in, check out, door, hall, swimming pool, suitcase, driver, customer service, backpack, bicycle, tickets, announcement, elevator, lobby

type, hear, talk, shout, confirm, knock, kick, whisper, bite, interrupt, buy, look, see, say, watch, sit, wait, run, scream, eat, lose, find, cry, care, board, sleep, read, drop, attack

Numbers 1 – 9, 11 and 15

headlines, news, TV, magazine, announcement, bookstore

Wedding Terms
wedding, church, bride, groom, to marry, usher