Best Method for Learning Spanish

by Chief Spanish Learner on November 29, 2010

When we want to exercise our bodies and make them stronger, we do all kinds of different activities. We start walking at lunchtime with co-workers or playing tennis on weekends. Maybe we lift weights. We know what makes us feel better and what we enjoy doing. Some people love to run, while others would rather watch paint dry and only want to run after a soccer ball or around the bases. Everyone knows you have to find an exercise program that works for you. An activity that you like and fits into your schedule.

Learning a foreign language can also involve many different activities. We can learn from a teacher in a classroom or a private tutor. We can study at home from a book or computer. We can listen to a language CD. There are now camps for learning languages, even play groups. We can practice speaking to a native speaker of the language.

And just like training your mind, the “best method” for learning a language is about the method that best meets your needs and schedule. It really doesn’t matter whether there is a study of the effectiveness of the method you choose to learn Spanish. If you find a way to learn Spanish that you like and you are learning, then keep doing it! And sure, maybe you want to try other activities for learning Spanish too.

If you are taking classes in Spanish, but not doing as well as you’d like, but don’t have time to study, then No-Work Spanish audiobooks might be perfect for you. If No-Work Spanish audiobooks are all you have done to learn Spanish and you want to understand the sentence structure and grammar of the language better, than maybe you want to try a more traditional learning program, such as Pimsleur or a regular, instructor-led class, either online or in person. Try mixing and matching your methods to learn Spanish, just like you might mix and match what you do to get in shape. Doing the same exercises every day gets boring, regardless of what they are.

The best method for learning Spanish? Only you can say for sure!


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