Could I Eat My Spanish Lesson? – Part 2

by Chief Spanish Learner on November 9, 2015

Attempt 2 to learn Spanish from Spanish Cooking ShowI really liked the idea of trying to learn Spanish while making a delicious Spanish dish, so I continued despite my first search not working out so well. This time I found three videos for learning Spanish and Spanish cooking.

1) Here’s a fun short video from Happy Hour Spanish on cooking cooking “Tortilla de patatas”. Most of their videos aren’t about cooking, they do all seem to have transcripts – great for folks just learning Spanish.

2) Next I thought I’d give a try at creating a Spanish cooking video in “No-Work Spanish” style (alternating English and Spanish), see what you think:

if you like it, consider the No-Work Spanish audiobook package on Amazon – Caution: they have NOTHING to do with food!

3) Finally I found that a number of Spanish teachers have assigned creating a Spanish cooking show to their students. I think this is a great idea and here is one of my favorite “Spanish Cooking Shows”

Now… if you really want to learn Spanish and authentic Spanish cooking at the same time, consider donQuijote’s cooking classes in Spain or Latin America Can You Learn Spanish from Spanish Cooking Shows?
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Did you see anything that you liked? Let me know in comments below. Gracias


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