La Madre del novio

by Chief Spanish Learner on December 15, 2011

It’s funny when I wrote The Case of the Missing Poodle, I set it starting in an airport and moving to a hotel, so there would be lots of travel vocabulary. As a writer I needed a reason that my main character was at the airport and the first thing that came to mind was going to a family member’s wedding. I realized one advantage of choosing a wedding was it was easy to introduce a number of terms about relatives, which seem to come up early in Spanish classes.

One sentence came to mind today and made me chuckle. The sentence is:

My cousin Steve is getting married tomorrow, so Aunt Terri will be mother of the groom. Mi primo Steve se va a casar mañana, así que la Tía Terri será la Madre del novio.

Now, why is that funny. Because….

Mi hijo David se va a casar en febrero, así que voy a ser madre de la novio (Supposedly if you click here you can hear it read — by an automated male voice, which makes no sense. Think I better practice and record my own reading of it.

Anyway, what this means is: My son David is going to be married in February, so I will be mother of the groom.

And that’s true! Further proof that the realistic Spanish in No-Work Spanish audiobooks will help you learn Spanish and come in very handy.

Now having said that, I must come back — add a picture of the happy couple and record my own voice!


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