PDFs – Copies of Texts for each No-Work Spanish Audiobooks

While No-Work Spanish audiobooks are primarily meant to be listened to, most listeners have some point where they would like to SEE a copy of what is being said. Some people like to read along through the whole story for a time or two. Others (like me) want to just listen, only looking at the written copy of the text when we can’t figure out a particular sentence or phrase.

When you purchase a copy of the No-Work Spanish CD’s, the PDF file containing the text is on the CD. But, we’ve placed a copy of the text here, for people who purchased a downloadable version of No-Work Spanish.

Here is:

The text for Yaks March on Washington

The text for Poster Girl


The text for The Case of the Missing Poodle

P.S. If you came across this page doing a random internet search for ‘Learn Spanish CDs’ or ‘Learn Spanish audio’, then I suggest you start on the home page, to discover what exactly IS No-Work Spanish?