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by Chief Spanish Learner on December 30, 2010

Just calling attention to the fact that I added a section, “Links about Learning Spanish” over in the right-hand column.

I did this after running across a great blog about learning Spanish. Its author, Andrew, says he’s

…still in the process of figuring this stuff out (learning Spanish), so this isn’t so much the professor instructing the student as it is the more advanced student helping the beginner and also kinda working together and teaching each other. You get to learn along with me, meaning that as I learn new things and figure out more efficient and effective methods, find new resources, and pick up new tricks we’ll go over them together and sort all this stuff out, and figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how to most effectively utilize it.

There will be discussion, experimentation, practice, and tricks, tips, and resources you won’t find anywhere else because this will be the first place to discover and publish them (it could be you that figures something cool and new out, it could be me, honestly I don’t really care as long as it gets discovered and put out there for everyone to use).

I found the blog to have a higher percent of original, high-quality posts and links than most. And even while I may be too fuddy-duddy to share Andrew’s taste in music videos, I definitely share a lot of his observations about learning a language, such as motivation, variety, needing interesting topics…

I hope you enjoy the read AND… be sure to post comments about other links you think are worth including about learning Spanish.


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