Fed Up Author Changes The Rules For Learning Spanish

Press Release of September 2, 2010:

Anne Emerick wanted an alternative to the traditional approach to learning a foreign language. While many Spanish language learning products claim to be ‘easy and fun’, too many ultimately revert back to the prevailing method of teaching which involves listening and memorizing. Unfortunately, this approach makes the process of learning a foreign language tedious and time consuming. Fed up with existing Spanish language learning products, Anne Emerick tried a completely different technique.

One of the biggest drawbacks to many foreign language learning products is the method used to deliver the learning experience. Typically, a workbook is employed, and along with the workbook, some form of computer-based learning is often used. This approach anchors the learner to their computer or workbook, which means that learning must be planned and regimented. As a commuter, Anne was looking for an easy way to learn Spanish while driving her car.

The absence of an easier, more accessible and certainly more effective language learning product on the market convinced Anne to develop her own. From that effort, No-Work Spanish was born. No-Work Spanish delivers the learning experience through stories in audio books. By carefully alternating between English and Spanish, the stories help the listener interweave English and Spanish concepts and before long, the listener is able comprehend short spoken Spanish passages. Anne said the idea was born from considering that people learn words to a song simply by listening to it several times without working to memorize the lyrics. Now available on Amazon, and directly from NoWorkSpanish.com, Anne’s product is claiming to be the easiest way to learn Spanish.

Because of its approach to teaching Spanish, No-Work Spanish can do its job even when people are on the go. The product is delivered in audio book format, and with the ubiquity of audio players today, language learners can listen to and begin comprehending Spanish passages practically anywhere and at any time. With No-Work Spanish, the learner is no longer tethered to the computer. Language learners are encouraged to visit noworkspanish.com for a special offer on CDs for learning Spanish.

The learning flexibility afforded by No-Work Spanish separates it from other language learning products, but certainly that is not its only differentiating feature. While most foreign language learning methods rely upon drills, having the listener repeat what they have just heard, No-Work Spanish is based on the concept that we remember what we care about. “As the first user of No-Work Spanish stories,” Anne said, “I realized that the phrases that most stuck in my mind where the lines that made me smile or laugh. No-Work Stories are designed to entertain and engage the listener. I’m out to prove that learning Spanish can be fun.”

Aboon Books publishes No-Work Spanish audiobooks, a product that enables language students to learn Spanish by listening to stories read in English and in Spanish. Through this process, the listener interweaves English and Spanish, absorbing the Spanish vocabulary and building their ability to listen to and comprehend an entire Spanish passage.

Anne Emerick
Aboon Books, publisher of No-Work Spanish audiobooks
(site) https://www.noworkspanish.com