More Ways to Learn Spanish

While I hope that you’ll love No-Work Spanish stories, there are many other great ways to learn Spanish. Many individuals and small companies are offering alternatives to the standard textbook approach. Here, No-Work Spanish chooses to highlight some additional resources to help you learn Spanish.

Learn Spanish in Spain or other Spanish-Speaking Countries

Of all the programs to learn Spanish abroad, the one that looks like the most fun to me is don Quijote.

They offer a lot of options in terms of how much of your time is spent learning Spanish versus enjoying the wonderful surroundings – people, culture, breathtaking views.

Don Quijote has programs oriented around participating in activities, so whether you are interested in youth programs, scuba diving, wine tasting or cooking you can enjoy it in a Spanish-speaking country and learn Spanish at the same time.

Programs are available in:
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
See more participant photos from Don Quijote.

Learn Spanish While Traveling On Your Own

A variation of taking a vacation and learn Spanish program rolled into one, is to travel to a place where folks speak Spanish, but be your own guide, Spanish teacher and student. This approach is encouraged by the self-proclaimed “Benny the Polygot” who offers a program called Speak from Day 1.

To understand Benny’s philosophy, watch this video of him talking at TED.

I like what he says towards the end where he comments that people think the “world will end” if they try to speak a new language and mess it up, but that it’s just the opposite, that a whole new world begins when you try to speak a new language. For more information on Benny’s program, go to:

Other Learn Spanish Stories

Another resource for learning Spanish shares my own philosophy about language being used to express something meaningful. is a free resource for Spanish who are learning English, and English who are learning Spanish. It also offers dual language audio-text and has short stories, articles, phrases, jokes and vocabulary with audio in English and in Spanish. StoryFlip encourages community participation and there is a nice section where people talk about who they are and why they are trying to learn either English or Spanish. I hope to add my own story there soon.

Still More Ways to Learn Spanish

Okay, I know there are MANY more great websites and resources to help you learn Spanish and I had planned to include more on this page. However….. just as you shouldn’t wait to be perfect before you begin to speak Spanish, so too I don’t want to wait till this page is the end-all-be-all list of resources. I hope you find it useful now and I’ll continue to add to it.