New Ways to Learn Spanish in 2014

by Chief Spanish Learner on January 20, 2014

new ways to learn Spanish in 2014So up until 2014, ‘No-Work Spanish’ had meant No-Work Spanish audiobooks, period. But I’ve decided to offer a wider range of products. I still plan to produce more No-Work Spanish audiobooks, but I’m adding other ways for learning Spanish that meet the original goals.

The idea behind No-Work Spanish was to explore new ways to learn a language (in this case Spanish) that were closer to how we learn our first language.

When you learned your first language, you didn’t need language tapes and you didn’t get sent to a class. People talked to you and as you listened you eventually got the gist of what people were saying. You picked up new words in context with just living your life. No-Work Spanish audiobooks fit that model, allowing you to learn Spanish while listening to a story.

Now, if you’ve ever seen a parent with a toddler who is learning to talk, you’ve probably also seen them teach them one word at a time.

“See the dog. What a pretty DOG. Do you like DOGS? Can we pet the DOG?”

As parents, we know instinctively how to increase our child’s early vocabulary. Now, if we are learning a new language as an adult (or even a teenager), we don’t have anyone to go around with us during the day and teach us new words. A Spanish teacher will do that in a classroom. But maybe you don’t have time to get to a class or want to learn more outside the classroom.

One solution would be sticky notes with a picture of an object and the name of the object both in English and Spanish. Make it easy to see the Spanish word for the object as I saw each object around my house.

Learn Spanish for Belt Sticky Note

But what about pronunciation?

Another No-Work Spanish goal was to help people understand Spanish when it is spoken to them. Wouldn’t it be great if the sticky notes could have a button you pushed that let you hear the words spoken.


I couldn’t figure out how to make a sticky note actually play audio, but I came as close to it as I could. I added a QR code, which I only recently learned that QR codes are those funny black and white patterned squares that you’ll see plastered on all kinds of objects. Scan one of those in a QR Reader app in a smartphone and your phone will open a specified webpage. It is the person creating the QR code that specifies which web page to open.

No-Work Spanish’s Bilingual Sticky Notes, each have a QR code on them that will open a page to read the words on the sticky note. I don’t imagine that people will want to scan the sticky note each time they see it, to hear the pronunciation, just one or two times until they can properly read the words out loud themselves.

pot or pan in Spanish

So today I am launching Bilingual Sticky Notes. Scan the QR code on the “pot or pan” sticky note pictured above and your smartphone will open this page.

Pretty cool, huh?

So you can get a free copy of Bilingual Sticky Notes and print them yourself


Get all seventy-eight Bilingual Sticky Notes printed and ready to slap onto objects through Amazon Learn Spanish on Amazon – currently at a discounted price!

The Bilingual Sticky Notes can also be used by Spanish speakers learning English! Half of the sticky notes have the English word first and half of them have the Spanish word first.


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