No-Work Spanish Customer Reviews

by Chief Spanish Learner on June 3, 2011

Cinco de Mayo brought a whole bunch of new No-Work Spanish customer reviews with lots of enthusiastic new users (my next update will be to the testimonial page). There were also some repeated suggestions that I’ll be working into future versions of the product.

1) Many people like to have a written copy of what is being said. Some people didn’t realize that the PDF was on the CD. So it’s been suggested that I more clearly label “includes PDF file of text on CD” or something along those lines.

2) A substantial number of listeners would prefer a very-low level story with very short sentences. While I do believe No-Work Spanish audiobooks require no previous Spanish knowledge, I now recognize that many brand-new to Spanish learning find the first listening or two a bit overwhelming and so an “Early Reader” sort of level book could be more popular with them. Since No-Work Spanish is about listening, I guess I could term these audiobooks an “Early Learner” or “New-to-Spanish” level stories.

3) People liked the vocabulary lists at the beginning of the chapters in Poster Girl. So I think from now on they should be in all No-Work Spanish audiobooks.

4) Having a different reader for each audiobook was a good idea Many found Michelle’s reading of Poster Girl a bit easier to understand But there were also a lot of fans of Jean-Marc’s dog voice in Yaks March in Washington. So I will absolutely continue both to seek out the best bilingual voice talent and to have different readers for each story.

5) A number of people would like to see this developed into a more complete Spanish learning curriculum. I will definitely be working on this idea.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.


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