Reviewing for Your Spanish Regents Exam?

by Chief Spanish Learner on January 11, 2011

With the New York State Spanish Regents exam scheduled for Wednesday January 26th, teens across New York are busy reviewing… or procrastinating reviewing.

Whether you are one of them or just happen to be someone looking for a Spanish practice test, I’ve got some links you may be interested in.

First, just yesterday on this website, I posted a recording of the listening comprehension section of the June 2009 Regents Exam.

You can find the written portion of previous Spanish Regents exams to practice by clicking here.

More practice questions for the Spanish Regents exam were created by Amy Pryhocki & Denise Ryder of Jericho High School Spanish department, including both reading and listening questions.

And finally here’s a cute video prepared by another student reviewing for her Spanish Regents exam.

Pretty good, Spanish, huh? Not surprising that she got a 97 (posted in YouTube comments).


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