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Special Offer - First Two No-Work Spanish Audiobooks

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Product Description

Choose BOTH No-Work Spanish Audiobooks together and save 38%.

Audiobook 1 is a single-CD title: Yaks March on Washington - based on the true story of an Idaho rancher who travels across the country with six yaks in tow, accompanied by his dog. It is read by Jean-Marc Berne.

The Yaks March on Washington vocabulary is rich in outdoor terms related to ranching, animals, and camping. The Yaks March on Washington vocabulary includes:

fast, cool, dark, peaceful, quiet, awake, wide, sleepy, giant, big, small, hot, crowded, next, colorful, more, every, important, scared, sad

slowly, again

cows, sheep, dog, bark, cat, yak, horse, horns, beasts, pet (noun)

Body Parts:
arm, face, tail, nose, eye, stomach, chin, forehead

to camp, sleeping bags, flashlight, folding chairs, tent, bucket, cooking stove, ropes

white, red

wool, scarf, costumes

dinner, milk, stove, bottle, butter, cheese, pans

Numbers 1 through 7:

tree, oak, pasture, farm, ranch, sky, stream, snow, barn, corral, pen, herd, hay, straw, breeze, statue, shade, home, ramp, building, road, festival, cars, pickup truck, road, to drive, buildings

People & Relationships:
boy, girl, wife, niece

spring, night, days

work, bark, pack, unpack, run, chase, wait, change, know, whistle, drive, arrive, leave, pet, (stroke), turn, suck, lick, need, sleep, lie, stare, wake, like, hope, jump, whistle, point, listen, learn, sell, say, respond, ask, dance, ride, talk, bless, dash

Yaks March on Washington is suitable for beginning through advanced students of Spanish.


Audiobook 2 is a two-CD title: Poster Girl - the story of a messy, average kid, Paula who wants to show up her goody two-shoes rival, Cynthia. To pull off this feat, she s got to make a great science poster, better than Cynthia s.

But of course there are problems. Like the fact that Paula waited until the day before the poster was due to begin. Or the fact that any autumn leaves that she tapes on the poster are going to turn brown and crumple up. Paula keeps scrambling as nothing goes quite like she expected.

Poster Girl vocabulary covers a wide range of indoor and outdoor concepts, including:

better, more, dirty, neat, clean, pretty, beautiful, short, warm, easy, annoying, awful, soft, dry, clever, lovely, big, stuffed, healthy, confused, tall

dog, bird, giraffe, fish

Body Parts:
skin, cheek, hair, eyebrow, face, hand, stomach, mouth, head, ponytail

yellow, orange, red, white, green, blue, black, brown

Days of Week, Seasons, Time:
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Summer, Winter, Autumn, morning, afternoon, tonight, week, minutes, year, October

Eating Food:
spoon, fork, knife, plate, cup, milk, napkin, table, brownie, apple, juice, peanut butter, lunch, dinner, sandwich, cafeteria, pretzels

Greetings, Expressions:
Hello, Congratulations, Excuse Me, Please, Thank You, Really?

Inside Terms:
room, hall, lobby, table, door, rug

Numbers 0 through 14:

People & Relationships:
mother, children, grandmother, boy, girl, father, teacher, principal, family, student, parents, sister, friend, librarian, babysitter, rival

like, laugh, shout, say, ask, answer, smile, clap, kick, draw, kiss, buy, look, talk, hate, work (to succeed), remember, think, paint, cut, write, promise, walk, run, interrupt, choose, hear, stand, pause, invite, change, explain, understand, need

Outside Terms:
tree, branch, leaf, evergreen, deciduous, breeze, sunny, sun, ground, plants, sky, grass

Poster Girl is suitable for beginning through advanced students of Spanish.


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