Tips for Learning Spanish: Tip 2 – Establish Goals

by Chief Spanish Learner on December 31, 2012

The next step to learning Spanish is to set a goal for yourself. A goal gives you direction and something to strive for. A goal provides a feeling of accomplishment.

Goals must be measurable. So “I want to speak Spanish better” or “I want to know more Spanish” — are examples of poorly defined goals. Examples of more measurable goals that are similar to the ones I just stated would be, ‘I want to score 5 points higher on my next oral Spanish exam.” Or, “I want to know the name for every article of clothing in my closet” would more clearly define and a measurable way of learning ‘more Spanish.’

I personally know that I’ve suffered from not having established goals for my Spanish learning in recent years. When I first created No-Work Spanish I wanted to score a passing grade on the New York State Spanish Regents listening comprehension exam. It doesn’t get much more clear than that. But then I achieved that and I too fell into vague wishes of “wanting to learn more Spanish”.

So here is is the last day of 2012, a traditional day for setting goals and….. I don’t have my learning Spanish goals for 2013. GRRR….. well by posting this, I just increased the pressure, right? I’ve just told you that to learn Spanish you need clear, measurable goals and I’ve already stated that I want to learn Spanish, so…..

check back “next year”

I wouldn’t leave you hanging, would I? Have I ever abandoned the blog for weeks on end?



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