Why I Don’t Like Facebook

by Chief Spanish Learner on March 5, 2011

Facebook Feelings

Haven't felt so awkward in a long time...

I finally figured out what I don’t like about Facebook. There, I’ve said it, I don’t like Facebook.

I don’t like Facebook because it’s too public. I feel as though I am 4 years old and my mother has brought me to a new preschool and plopped me down to “make new friends.” As I stand there self-consciously looking around, I hear the teacher ask, “How is she socially?”

“Well…” my mother replies, “she’s a little shy at first.”

“Most of them are at this age.”

As long as I feel eyes upon me, watching to see if I “make new friends”, I am the quintessential wall flower, tongue-tied and awkward.

The truth is, I only joined Facebook to dabble in the business social media aspect of it. I created a Facebook No-Work Spanish page. But Facebook lumps all your activities and interests, personal and professional together and puts it out there for everyone to see. So no sooner did I get on Facebook, than I shied away from it

I’m happy to discover that now Facebook will give me the option of choosing either my personal identity or the biz one. Maybe this separation will make me slightly less self-concious, because I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that each day when I go off to work, I don’t have all my friends and family watching my every move. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels like this. And I probably I wasn’t the only kid who really didn’t want my mother knowing everything I did at school.

The bottom line is… even now 40, okay, 40-plus years after preschool, I can still be a little shy at first.

P.S. Perhaps I should have subtitled this article (to make it clear why it belongs on this website) as
Why is there so little activity on the No-Work Spanish Facebook page.


I don't like facebook at all either. I just can't stand it. I made a page only because I had a few friends who told me I should so they could communicate with me that way. I prefer the telephone. Or a simple email. Or face to face get-togethers.
I became bombarded with friend requests from people i literally knew in the 3rd grade, and haven't seen since. Kind of strange to me, to act like we're best buddies but I don't KNOW these people. I have no interest in knowing every move that people make, every musician they like, where they went to school, who their 357 other "friends" are. It's too much useless information! It's overwhelms me and then i realize I spent over an hour clicking through photos of strangers somehow, and I feel creepy...
I guess alot of people love it, but I'm not one of those people.

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