Excerpt from Expand Your Horizons newsletter

Anne Learns Spanish

A Diva Who Dares

Meet Anne Emerick, this week’s Diva Who Dares. How many great ideas have you had, but you didn’t follow through and do anything with them? I know it’s happened to me. Lots of excuses crop up. Too busy. Already working full-time.

Not so with Anne! She knew in her heart there had to be an easier way to learn a second language than with the methods currently available. The fact that she already holds a full-time job to pay the bills didn’t stop her from starting a business in her spare time.

Thinking back to fifth grade, Anne recalled learning about the Constitution by listening to a record her teacher played. To this day, she retains more information about the Constitution than most people I’ve ever met. That fifth grade experience led Anne to create No Work Spanish, a brand-new audio learning method.

Already a published author, Anne hired an actor to read her story line by line, first in English, then in Spanish. To be sure she was on the right track, Anne listened to the story during commutes, then took a standardized comprehension test in Spanish. To her dismay, she didn’t do well.

But this Diva didn’t let a setback become a roadblock. Anne hired another actor to read a second story in English and Spanish. She spent time listening to the new CD and absorbed more vocabulary. When she tested again, her score proved that her No Work Spanish really worked!

Anne plans to roll out more audio stories in the near future to help English speakers learn Spanish easily. She envisions English as a Second Language classrooms with libraries of her stories available not just for the students, but also for their parents. This is a Diva with a Big Dream and a “no excuses” approach. She will make it happen!

Her advice to others just starting out — “Stay focused and do the essentials. Prioritize. Step out in faith and get started.”

Visit her website, NoWorkSpanish.com, to hear some sample audios and learn more about how her program works

The above is reprinted with permission from Expand Your Horizons newsletter, published by ReLaunch Your Life