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In the United States, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home in 1 out of 10 households. The ability to Hablo Espanol is more important than ever.

Speaking Spanish can help you in school, with your career, or simply conversing with your neighbors, but what if you don’t have the time, discipline or aptitude to learn?

Anne Emerick created a way to learn Spanish the way she wanted to, not as the experts suggested, and is willing to talk about it…

Sample Interview Questions for Anne:

1. At the risk of being politically incorrect, even with all the people in the United States who speak Spanish, why should I learn Spanish, why don’t they learn English? Isn’t that our national language?

2. So people have been teaching and learning foreign languages for years and years, is there really anything that different about this so-called new method?

3. So what gave you the idea to try this approach to learning Spanish?

4. What makes you so sure this works? Have any studies been done?

5. You mentioned that because this is a different approach, you want people to be able to try it for free. Can you tell people again, about how they can get your “Three for Free” no-cost offer?

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