Reasons for Learning Spanish

by Chief Spanish Learner on October 23, 2010

One of the nice touches that my web designer, Kirsten Wright, added to this website was asking folks downloading our free trial offer, why they were interested in learning Spanish. I wouldn’t have thought to ask.

The answers are both interesting and motivating. Interesting — in their variation. Motivating because of the strong desire, even need that people have to learn Spanish, which motivates me to offer more products and services.

So here is a sampling of some of the reasons people gave:

I’m a student

I’m a teacher

I’ve been learning Spanish off and on for almost 10 years now. I have a
Spanish-learning program, but hardly have time to sit at my computer after work.
I have a long drive to and from work, and looking for something to help with my
pronunciation and speech recognition as I drive.

Was always fascinated about learning foreign languages.

I’m moving to Miami at the end of the year. Also it was a goal of mine for 2010 to learn a new foreign language.

I want to move to South America.

Travel to Central America

Just want to learn

My partner is from Puerto Rico and her first language is Spanish so i want to
learn so I can speak in her native language as well as she can speak in English

I live in South Texas. It’s a need.

I am interested in learning Spanish because it would benefit my business skill and opportunities.

I live in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood, and I want to turn my C in high school Spanish into a fluent espanol speaking skill.

moving to Spanish-speaking country

I’m a grad student in Costa Rica

I like to vacation in Spanish-speaking countries.

I have a lot of friends who speak Spanish and I’ve always wanted to learn

I need to be able to communicate with my customers

I just want to learn – trucker with lots of time

I would lke to expand and enhance my retirement options.

for promotional opportunities at work

just want to learn. Tried for a long time but need a better system.

Just wanting to learn. Believe it or not, Spanish was my first language, but
after learning English when I was very young, I stopped speaking Spanish and
I’ve since lost it. I would very much like to become a fluent Spanish speaker again.

need it for nursing

wife is Spanish, would like to be able to speak her language some

I’m an ER doc, seeing lots of Spanish speaking patients

I’m moving to Latin America

I am a registered nurse and would like to learn more spanish to be able to
better communicate with my patients.

an employer wanting to communicate with employees better

student traveling to Mexico this winter

I’m a dental student and in today’s world Spanish is a valuable asset to learn in the medical profession

I’m 82 and keeping Alzheimer’s away.

have Spanish speaking friends

I live in Houston, TX!

I’m a teaching artist who does a lot of work in inner city schools

want to understand neighbors better

to travel to Spain and South America

I work in a call center with a high spanish speaking population. It wild be nice
to understand them and join them in conversation.

I live in Oklahoma where there are many Spanish speaking people. I would like to
be able to communicate with them.

I am a firefighter and there are more Spanish speaking patients everyday. This
will help me communicate easier with them.

Our parent company is located in Madrid.

I’m a student, not doing very well in Spanish class.

So what’s your reason for learning Spanish? Add your comment below.


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